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Prices and Buying

The Tesla Model X launch in India in the next some month. It is to be expected launched in Jan 15, 2021 . It is a electric vehicle and  there is a fastest SUVs available globally. The Tesla Model X basic price market started from at  Rs.2.00 Cr.
Other country price started at at $79,500.

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  • Pearl White Multi-Coat
  • Midnight Silver Metallic
  • Solid Black
  • Red Multi-Coat
  • Deep Blue Metallic


Tesla Model X

Electric Powertrain

When a Tesla Model X provide l all-electric powertrain and there are low center of gravity. It is a best performance, range and efficiency.

Long Range Plus

With available all- wheel drive and longest range is more than 4.4s in 0-60 mph and 371 miles range .


when a available all wheel drive and acceleration range is 2.6s in 0-60 mph and 341 miles range.


Tesla Model X

Navigate on Autopilot

The Tesla Model X provide a navigate on autopilot. It is Activated guidance highway on ramp and off ramp.


Tesla Model X
There is a automatically retrieve in your car.

Auto park

Tesla Model X
A special feature that is highlight parallel and perpendicular parking and single touch .

Auto Lane Change

Tesla Model X
When a Tesla Model X provide a automatically change lanes drive in highway on roads.

Driver Assistance Capabilities

  • It is a 8 camera and 12 ultrasonic sensors detect lane lines. There are surrounding objects – 360 degrees of visibility.
  • With available a matching speed to traffic conditions and There are also without any driver input in your car.

Full Self-Driving Hardware

When a available advanced hardware capable of providing Autopilot features . It is a full self-driving capabilities in the future .

The Future of Autopilot

The Tesla Model X provide a hardware needed in the future for full self-driving. It is almost all circumstances.

Interior Features

Tesla Model X

Better Over Time

With a available Access everything  on the display of 17-inch touchscreen. It is a improve a over time with regular software updates . There are introducing new features and functionality or performance.


Tesla Model X


Tesla Model X
The Tesla Model X provide a HD Radio For a digital sound quality and the select AM/FM channels.
  • Wireless smartphone charger
Tesla Model X
It is Tesla Model X a provide Wireless smartphone charger for compatible devices. They are get charged for where the road takes you.
Tesla Model X
When a Tesla Model X and stander including a available feature that can you make and receive a calls and listen to it and you can respond to text or message without a taking over phone off to drive on road .


Tesla Model X
The Tesla Model X provide Voice Command includes Hands-Free-Calling and voice commands for the listen radio in the car.


Tesla Model X
With a available personalized drive setting and they are climate controls and cabin control.


They Tesla Model X provide a real time energy consumption and it is also range estimation .

All-Weather Comfort

When a availed comfort with front and the rear seat heaters. It is also provide a heated steering wheel . they are including a washer nozzle heaters.

Sound systems

Tesla Model X

Pristine Sound

It is a highlight classic and stander 17 loudspeakers with neodymium magnets.



It also available a smartphone and smart watch app in your vehicle .They are do everything from started your vehicle remotely with your smart phone. It is also download a Apple app store and google play store in your smart phone.


The tesla model x provide a remote vehicle. It is a warm and cool it before you get it .


When a tesla model x also available a lock and unlock vehicle door . It is used convenient mobile app.


They are tesla model x provide active horn and lights with connect your locate your vehicle in a crowded parking side.


With available a send and go . it is search destinations on your smartphone and smart watch your have a send them straight to your vehicle in navigation system .


With available tesla model x used vehicle finder to locate your vehicle in a crowed parking lot. It is a location on a map on your smart phone.



when a available experience enhanced handling and it is also traction . They are acceleration more than 20” or 22” wheels.

20” Silver

It is a available in high stander wheel with optimal traction . They are range in all weather conditions.

22” Onyx Black

It is a Premium wheels and they are maximum performance or handing.

Attention to Detail

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

The tesla model x provide a Autopilot hardware seamlessly integrates and the sleek exterior.

Tesla Model X
It is tesla model x provide a fire led tail-lamps two buttons are

Tesla Model X Specs

BatteryLong Range
Acceleration2.6s 0-60 mph
Range341 miles (EPA est.)
DriveAll-Wheel Drive
SeatingUp to 7 Adults
Wheels20” or 22”
Weight5,531 lbs
Cargo88 cu ft
DisplaysDriver Display + 17″ Touchscreen
Onboard Charger Max11.5 kW max (48A)


Tesla Model X

5-Star Safety Rating

When a tesla model x is first SUV to achieve a US NHTSA 5-star safety rating and there are also provide a incredible side impact protection .

Built for Safety

With available a tesla model x one of the safest SUVs ever. It is built ground up as an electric vehicle and When a also provide a body, chassis, restraints and battery technology.

Front-Impact Protection

It is not provide a internal combustion engine in tesla model x. The occupant deceleration in the event of frontal impact.

Side-Impact Protection

When a combination of a high-strength central pillar and an energy-absorbing sill structure . It is exceptional protection to both the occupant.

Very Low Rollover Risk

With available a position and weight of the floor-mounted battery pack and low center of gravity.

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